Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Keep taking small steps and keep moving forward. This is the law of success. Motivational Story.

Keep taking small steps and keep moving forward. This is the law of success.

Hello, friends welcome all of you.
Today I start a motivational story without giving you time loss.

There was a boy named Raj, who was very fond of running. He had participated in several marathons. But he did not complete any race. One day he decided that whatever happens, he will definitely finish the race.

Now the race started.

Raj also started running, slowly all the runners were coming forward.
But now Raj was tired. He stopped then he said to himself if I can't run then at least I can walk. He started walking but he was definitely moving forward. Now he was too tired. And fell down.

He told himself that how he will do it will definitely complete the race today. He stubbornly got ahead. Started to stagger and eventually he finished the race. Admittedly, he had lost the race but today his confidence was at its peak as he had never been able to complete the race before today. He was lying on the ground because his leg muscles were very stretched but today he was very happy because today he also won by losing.

Friends, We get to learn from Raj's story that if we keep going forward then one day we win even after losing will go.

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