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Drinking less water can cause great harm to the body?


How does drinking water cause harm to the body?

Drinking less water can cause great harm to the body? When the winter season comes, our thirst decreases considerably. Compared to the summer season, winter people tend to drink very little water, of course, thirst is also less. But the body needs as much water in summer as it does in winter. You may not feel it, but your body starts dehydrating slowly due to a lack of water. According to health experts, drinking less water can cause heavy damage to your body.

Drinking less water can cause great harm to the body?

  • When there is a lack of water in the body, the cells send a signal to the hypothalamus, which releases a hormone called vasopressin. It is also known as a unidirectional hormone. This hormone signals the kidney to remove less water from the blood, causing the urine to become less, thicker and darker. Kidneys mainly work to filter the blood and due to lack of sufficient fluid in the body, their work deteriorates and the kidneys are not able to properly carry out the toxins from the body.
  • Lack of water can cause hypotension or low pressure and the person may faint. The body needs fluids to make blood. When there is a lack of fluid in the body, the level of blood also decreases. The right amount of fluid is needed to maintain adequate blood pressure in the body.
  • The lack of water in the body, ie dehydration, reduces the level of electrolyte, which can cause many problems in the brain. The electrolyte is mineral-like potassium and sodium, which acts as a signal between the cells. If the electrolytes in your body are depleted, then they are unable to send the signal to the cells and this causes problems in the muscles from toothache to seizures.
  • Usually, when there is a lack of water in the body, the cells send a signal to the brain to tell that you are thirsty. However, dehydration affects the brain in many ways. Dehydration is also directly related to mood and your performance. If you are also two percent dehydrate, it can affect your work. Due to dehydration, your memory also starts to get weaker.
  • If you stay thirsty for a long time, your kidneys have to pay more attention. According to the National Kidney Foundation, the kidney can be licked in this way and you can get kidney disease. Lack of water in the body also causes stone problems. Especially those who live in hot, dry weather and those who sweat a lot more than others, there is an increased risk of kidney disease.

Note: The above-mentioned advice and suggestions are for general information purposes only. Always consult your doctor if you have any questions or problems.
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