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How right and wrong it is for someone to form an opinion.

How right and wrong it is for someone to form an opinion.

Oh look at that girl's clothes, she seems to have no understanding of fashion… Hey, I spoke to her sister on the phone, she seems to say something less…. These kinds of phrases you keep hearing around you. But is it the right habit to judge someone at first sight? 

We have been hearing from childhood that the first impression is the last impression, this proverb of English can be true to a large extent but in the first meeting we cannot understand anyone. It is also important to give yourself time to understand the front.

How right and wrong it is for someone to form an opinion.

Difficult for some people to understand

You must have heard the saying that all five fingers are not equal. This saying also applies to the environment around us. It is very easy for some people to understand that in the first meeting we find out from their gestures what kind of thinking they have. But some people are very shy and quiet nature which takes some time to understand.

Experts believe that when we meet someone for the first time, we can only see the side the front is showing us. Apart from this, we also form our opinion according to our old experience. Sometimes this opinion can be proved wrong. That is why it is not right to make a negative image towards someone in the first meeting or to consider the person in front of someone wrong. For this one should try to understand by thinking patiently, spending some time with the person in front and keeping his / her own place.

It is also important to give yourself time

One has to give time to understand oneself first. Often you have noticed that your close friends tell you that do not go near her, she is very moody. You also believe in this and for weeks you do not go to that person by sitting in your mind and when the conversation starts with him later, you realize that you had kept the wrong image. And regret their mistake. In such a situation, it is not right to come in someone's words, first one has to give time to form one's own opinion.

Some important things

1. Sometimes when we meet a person under stress then a negative image is formed in the mind towards him. Being tense we do not show much interest in meeting that person. In such a situation, try to meet that person again.

2. If you meet a shy or quiet person, then start a conversation on your own. This is a good initiative to make the front person feel comfortable and to interact with you openly.

3. It is not right to trust anyone in the first meeting. Because people open only their best layer in front of you to make a good impression. In such a situation, try to understand them to test the front and do not be immediately influenced by their words.

4. Do not make your opinion quickly even if someone only praises you or does not give you a chance to speak. One should avoid trusting such complacent people and should also keep themselves alert.

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