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How beneficial to drink green tea? Let us know from experts.

How beneficial to drink green tea? Let us know from experts.
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To reduce obesity, people start adding yoga, exercise, pranayama, and what not to know in their daily routine. To control their weight, they make expensive diet charts. But in all these things, they forget that there are some things around them that can reduce weight easily.

Caffeine found in green tea:-

If you want to reduce your weight then controlling the energy level is extremely important. In this case, the help of caffeine can be taken. Because caffeine intake can reduce the effects of fat oxidation and thermogenesis, green tea is extremely helpful in reducing fat.

How to control hunger:-

Explain that epiglo catechin gallate is found inside green tea, which can control appetite. Experts also believe that the fiber and catechin present in green tea can reduce hunger.

Beneficial for metabolism:-

Metabolism is good, blood circulation in the body, respiratory process, body's digestive function, brain, its functioning etc. is better. In this way, the intake of green tea helps to increase metabolism.

Green tea for exercise:-

Exercising regularly is very important to overcome some body problems. In such a situation, there are some people who feel tired after exercising regularly. This is also a type of problem. To overcome this problem, green tea can be consumed. Green tea can increase muscle function. And can increase its work capacity.

When to drink green tea to lose weight?

Although green tea is consumed before breakfast in the morning and after lunch, but the nature of each body is different. In such a situation, to lose weight, take information related to the intake of green tea from your dietician.

What amount of green tea to lose weight?

As we have already told that caffeine is found inside green tea, one or two cups of green tea a day is good for health.

  • Follow such precautions while drinking green tea
  • Green tea should not be drunk immediately after eating something.
  • Adding sugar or milk to green tea ends its effects.
  • Drinking green tea before going to bed late at night can cause insomnia.
  • Green tea should be consumed for pregnant women only on the advice of experts.

We humbly request you to contact your doctor before trying any remedy. Our aim is just to provide you information.
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