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A good way to increase speed and stamina.

A good way to increase speed and stamina.
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Morning walk or running is not only fit but also helps you to strengthen bones, strengthen muscles, and keep weight under control. If you run daily, then you have set a goal of one day for yourself how much you have to run in a day. But many times you are not able to run that much and sit tired. In such a situation, if you want to increase your running speed, then you have to make some extra efforts.

One of the best ways to increase running speed and stamina is to include strength training in your routine. Strength training helps you gain muscle and burn calories. Of all the strength training, there is one particular exercise that you should do if you want to increase your running goal and speed and that is the plyometrics exercise.

What is plyometrics exercise?

Plyometrics is a fast jumping exercise, also known as jumping training and play. Plyometrics exercises provide extra energy and strength to your body. Plyometrics are exercises in which muscles gain maximum strength in a short time, which increases strength. This exercise already makes the body strong internally, so that there is no harm to your body. Simply put, this exercise helps you build both speed and power at the same time.

Why is biometrics exercise important?

In a study published in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research, a group of athletics was divided into two teams. In which, six weeks later, it was seen that the group in which the Pleometrics exercise reduced their 2.4-kilometer run time by 4 percent and the 20-meter sprint time by 2.3 percent.

This study simply proved that plyometrics can help you increase your running time, but that doesn't mean you don't have to do other exercises. You can do this exercise for one hour every 2-3 days a week. But be sure to do it correctly because doing it the wrong way can cause injury. Because following any trend without thinking and without knowing can harm.

Note: humbly request you to contact your doctor before trying any remedy. Our aim is just to provide you information.
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