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Glass skywalk bridge built in Rajgir, Bihar like China.

The city of Bihar's Rajgir, the heritage of Lord Buddha and incorporates Indian history, is a center of attraction in the entire state. Now in this city, the first glass bridge of the state, prepared for tourists like China, is appealing to the people. This is the second Glass Skywalk Bridge in the country that will promote Nature Adventure in Bihar.

Glass skywalk bridge built in Rajgir, Bihar like China.

Explain that this is the first glaze bridge in Northeast India, which has been prepared by the Bihar government for tourists. Its main objective is to promote tourism in the entire Rajgir region. This glass bridge is built on the lines of a 120-meter-high glass bridge in Hangzhou province of China. The bridge is decorated with Venuban. While walking on this bridge, you will be able to easily see the earth beneath your steps.

The tourism department of the Bihar government has decided to build Nature Safari Park to promote tourism around this bridge. Rajgir is known for its natural beauty. Zoo Safari, Butterfly Park, Aruvedic Park, and different species of trees are found in the country and abroad, which is not seen anywhere else.

Nalanda district has also received recognition from the Central Zoo Authority for the Zoo Safari Park and this first glass bridge in the Northeast will be opened to the common people on the occasion of New Year. Along with this, the ropeway is also being constructed at a cost of crores of rupees which will easily reach people at the World Peace Stupa.

When the first glass skywalk bridge built in China was opened to the public on August 20, 2016, it was the longest and tallest glass bridge in the world at that time. The total length of this bridge is 430 meters and width is 6 meters, and it is at an altitude of about 300 meters (980 ft) from the ground.
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