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Do you drink tea on an empty stomach in the morning?

Do you drink tea on an empty stomach in the morning?

Morning tea affects health in many ways. This can lead to acidity problems and many other problems related to the stomach. Apart from this, there are many reasons for not drinking tea on an empty stomach, which need attention, otherwise it can spoil your health in terrible ways.

This could be the reason;-

Experts say that by drinking tea or coffee first thing in the morning, the bacteria of the mouth go to the intestine, which can be harmful. Apart from this, there is a chemical in tea, which can cause the problem of constipation. This chemical is called theophylline. At the same time, nicotine is also found in tea, which can make you addicted to this drink.

When can you drink tea?

If you have to drink tea, then you can drink it in the morning after an hour after having breakfast and in the evening also drink tea only after eating something. Keep in mind that do not consume tea before sleeping at night, as it can cause stomach related problems.

What's good to drink in the morning?

  • Fenugreek water
  • lemonade
  • cumin water
  • fennel water
  • Amla juice
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