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Success is what sets goals, stays steady.

Success is what sets goals, stays steady.

Success is what sets goals, stays steady.  Ask a young child what he wants to be, then someone wants to become a teacher, a doctor, an engineer, a pilot like his mother or father. Their motives and answers change after a few days. But even after growing up, turning round like this is not a good thing. Many times people change their path after getting frustrated on not getting success, then they keep pretending to have some good time. But today if you take steps to move forward, it will be good.

Once upon a time, there was a childless king, he was old and had to worry about a worthy heir. To find a worthy successor, the king announced throughout the kingdom that I would give a part of my kingdom to someone who would come to meet me in the evening.

With this decision of the king, the Prime Minister of the state expressed his anger and said to the king, a lot of people will come to meet you and if given to everyone, the kingdom will be torn to pieces. Do not do such impractical work. The king assured the Prime Minister and said, Prime Minister, don't worry, keep watching, what happens.

On a certain day when everyone was to meet, the king organized a huge fair in the garden of the palace. The fair was filled with dancing and wine, there were many tasty foods to eat. Many games were also happening at the fair.

Amidst all this, there was a person who had not seen anything. He had a definite goal in mind that he would have to meet the king. So he crossed the garden and reached the door of the palace. But two watchmen stood there with an open sword. They stopped him. He pushed the watchmen and went to the palace because he wanted to meet the king at the given time.

As soon as he reached in, the king met him in front and he said, "There was someone in my kingdom who could reach his goal without getting caught in any temptation." I will not give you half the coronation, but I will give you the full kingdom. you will be my successor.

The essence of this story: 
Success is what sets goals, stays steady, perseveres, and overcomes all the difficulties that come along the way. If we are changing our way today because of someone's saying, then we should understand whether the person who is advising us will support us in the situation of a difficult time tomorrow or not. If it is not, then we should not change our ways at the behest of anyone.
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