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Fruit of hard work. An inspiring story. Must read once.

fruit of hard work. An inspiring story. Must read once.

fruit of hard work. A poor boy was selling something because his financial condition was not good. When he got tired of selling this thing, he got hungry and thought that he would go to someone's house and ask for bits of help. As soon as he reached a house, he knocked on the door, a girl came out and she was shocked and her discomfort increased.

He asked: Can I get water to drink? The girl went in and started thinking that the poor people give water to everyone. He may have been hungry too, the girl went to the kitchen where he did not see the bread, but he looked at the milk and he filled a glass of milk and gave it to the boy, the boy drank milk and became happy. The boy said how much money should I pay for milk?

The girl said: There is no need. My mother has taught me that money is not taken by helping people in trouble. This was my karma. I did it and I am very happy with it.

The boy left from there, but on the way thinking that there is no shortage of good people in the world if found, such faces and people are present in all directions, there were many such positive and good things going on in his heart and mind.

Struggling, the boy became a doctor by studying. But one day the same girl suddenly became ill. He was taken to the doctor. But he was referred from there to a large hospital.

But when all the formalities of treatment were completed, the doctor came to know that. This is the same girl who helped me many years ago. Now I can repay this debt by treating it well and improving it.

When all was done and the girl's operation was over, she received a letter in a closed envelope. It was written in that letter. You are completely fine and you paid for this treatment a year ago with a glass of milk.

The girl had tears in her eyes. He said that I do not even have the treatment money. But you have come as a god. The doctor said that when we help others without any selfishness. Then one day we get it back with interest.

Therefore, in today's time, we should help more and more people. Because it gives us the happiness that no expensive thing in the world can buy. And one day the help provided by people brings good results.

I sincerely hope that you will like this story.
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