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Sugar in fruits beneficial and why is sugar harmful? Let's know.


Sweet sugar is considered harmful for health, while sweet fruits are considered beneficial for health. Both contain sugar. Then what is it that benefits the body with the use of one, and the diseases develop in the body with the use of one? This is a question that must have come to your mind at some time. If you have not come, then you should know how much sugar in fruits is different from sugar and what are the advantages and disadvantages of eating them.

Know what is the difference between the two types of sugar?

If we eat any fruit, then only natural sugar is available in it. It is called fruit sugar which is natural and it is not so harmful to our body. On the other hand, the sugar we eat in chocolate and other sweet things is refined sugar. There are many types of sugar such as white sugar, brown sugar, coconut sugar, cane sugar, etc. 

This sugar is also extracted by plants but many chemicals are added and refined to increase its sweetness and appearance. Apart from this, many types of artificial sugars are added to them for long-term retention, which is usually harmful to our health. If we eat any chocolate even after a few months from today, it will taste the same as it is today. But if we leave any fruit today and eat it even after a few days, its taste changes.

How does our body metabolize sugar?

Fruits contain elements called fructose and glucose. These contain about 60% fructose content, while tablet sugar contains less than 60% fructose and glucose. Our body metabolizes these two elements differently. Fructose is metabolized by our liver. Its advantage is that it does not increase insulin or glucose levels in the body. But only as long as it is used in a small amount. 

If its quantity becomes more, then there is a risk of diseases like heart disease, obesity, and cancer. The disadvantage of this is that this element increases fat in our body. Glucose on the other hand breaks in our stomach and requires insulin to metabolize it.

Does our body treat both types of sugar in the same way?

However our body breaks down both types of sugar by the same process. But the process of fruit sugar is slightly slower than other sugar. This is because fruits contain fiber and fiber slows down the digestion of sugar. But refined sugar foods do not contain any fiber, so these things break down very quickly. Therefore, sugar also increases very fast in the blood due to these types of things and we do not get any kind of nutrition.

Is Fruit Sugar Healthy?

As with most other types of sugar, too much fruit sugar is harmful to your health. However, it is slightly more healthy than other types of sugar. Fruits also have essential nutrition for our body, but there is no nutrition in things with refined sugar. Not eating fruit means that you can be dead with some key nutrients. Many fruits are not only rich in vitamins and minerals, but also have good amounts of phytochemicals, which give a variety of health benefits.

Note: We humbly request you to contact your doctor before trying any remedy. Our aim is just to provide you information.

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