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Be careful of bathing with hot water in winter !

Be careful of bathing with hot water in winter !
Everyone loves to bathe with warm water during the winter season. In cold weather, taking bath with hot water is relieved. After bathing it feels like all our tiredness has disappeared and our body has become sick. In the winter, all of us take a bath with hot water, but many researches suggest that if the temperature of hot water is more than 32 degree Celsius, it can spoil your health.

Hot water up to 32 ° C is suitable for bathing. This hot hot water can damage your skin and hair. Taking too much hot water or bathing in hot water for a long time has the opposite effect on both your skin and health.

Let us tell you about the disadvantages of bathing with hot water.

1. Some people lie in hot water in the bathtub for hours to avoid the cold. Staying in hot water for a long time can also affect your reproductive capacity. According to doctors, taking hot water bath for more than 30 minutes increases human fertility problems. During the winter, very hot water can cause trouble for you.

2. Hot water reduces the energy level in your body. When you take a bath with hot water in the morning, you become so relaxed that you feel like taking a small nap. It refreshes your body and makes it lazy instead of giving it energy.

3. Bathing with strong hot water is not good for skin. This makes the skin red and may cause rashes or allergies. Not only this, there is an increase in dryness in the skin and itching problem also occurs.

4. Due to hot water, the skin tissue is damaged and they start getting damaged. In this case, there may be premature wrinkles on the skin. Hot water absorbs moisture from the skin. This may increase the risk of skin infection.

5. Hot water has a bad effect on hair. This reduces hair moisturization which can cause hair to become rough and dry. Scalp dry by washing hair with hot hot water. In such a situation, dandruff can increase. Hair starts falling dry.

6. Bathing with warm water can also reduce eye moisture. This may cause redness, itching, and frequent watering of the eyes.

7. Hot water affects the nails of the hands and feet. The use of strong hot water can cause problems with nails breaking, infection, and the surrounding skin.
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