Saturday, May 13, 2023

Tourist destination, Bhojpur's Temkedanda Mundum Trail.

Work has been started on the Temkedanda Mundam Trail in Bhojpur, which is listed as a new tourist destination. With the aim of promoting tourism, the construction of the footpath has been started from the Panchadhara of Temkemayung village to the high summit of Silichung Danda through Chakhebhavanjaya.

Construction of footpaths has been started keeping in mind the tourist facilities with the aim of attracting internal and external tourists. Pavihang Rai, chairman of the pavement construction committee, said that the pavement under construction would be naturalized using locally available resources without the use of cement, iron, and grill materials. He said that for the convenience of tourists coming for trekking, the construction of the first phase of the pavement has been started using local resources while retaining the natural facilities.

The 12 km long pavement work has been started by 2079 BS under the first phase of 58 km long pavement. Out of the total cost of Rs 20 million, the first phase of work has been started at a cost of Rs 99,22,784 with 35 percent of the state government, 35 percent of the Swiss government, and 30 percent of the Temkemayung village municipality. Subsequently, under the second phase, tea houses, drinking water, toilets, and resting places will be constructed on the footpath and tourists will be provided with food and accommodation. Local stakeholder Chiwabungbali Rai said that the concept of the pavement has been brought with the aim of promoting Kiranti culture on the pavements being built across the border of Temkeyang, Salpasilicho, and Khotang. He said, "Kirant is the concept of a mark to revive the culture. It is our idea to keep it close to Kiran culture along with outdoor and internal tourism."

A 31.5 km long footpath was surveyed to make it a tourist hub. Village Municipality President Dhruvraj Rai said that work has been started with the aim of supporting the economic development of the entire village by developing the pavement as a tourism area.
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