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careful !! Starving in the name of dieting can be harmful.

Do you also want to lose weight and if you are hungry for it then stop. Starving to be thin is a completely nonsense idea. Because being hungry may make you thin, but you will be surrounded by many diseases. So if you have opted to starve to be thin, then change it. There are many types of damage that you might not even think of. Our body definitely needs food on time and therefore it is better that you choose home food instead of outside food.

careful !! Starving in the name of dieting can be harmful.

There are many disadvantages of being thin while hungry:

Being hungry and thin is an easy option, but its side effects are so terrible that you will be shocked.

The facial glow disappears:

When you are hungry for thinning, gradually the glow of your face starts disappearing and your age starts appearing on your face. So do not choose to stay hungry to be thin. Because it is very difficult to bring back the lost facial beauty.

Digestive problem:

Being hungry also causes digestive problems. You will not eat anything, otherwise, how will you be fresh many other diseases are born like Babasir, gallstones, etc. Therefore, do not adopt the option of being thin while hungry. Better than this you exercise.


In this phase of being hungry for thinning, dehydration occurs in the body, and due to low urine, many types of problems start in the body. If you drink a lot of water, it does not stay in the body for too long and comes out with sweat or urine. The problem of dehydration remains there. So don't be hungry

Effect on the liver:

The liver serves to digest food, but when we do not eat food and remain hungry, the liver becomes inflamed and gas problem occurs many times. So if you are also hungry to be thin then do not be hungry. Give the body the food it needs.

Extreme fatigue:

When the body does not get enough food, the body starts getting tired. In doing a little work, the body becomes so tired as if it has done too much work. Therefore, being hungry is very harmful to the body. One should never opt for a hungry one to be thin.

That is why it is said that being hungry to be a victim is a completely nonsense idea because doing so proves harmful to us. To be slim, you exercise, do yoga, and have a balanced diet.
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