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A real inspirational life story. Must read once.

A real inspirational life story.

A real inspirational life story. A story from one a small village where a woman named Bimala lived. She was very poor. She lived in a rented house. Husband had passed 3 years. He had a boy. Whose name Karan. He was very smart in his studies. After her husband's passing, all responsibility for running the house felling on Bimala's shoulders.

Bimala always thinks that her son will become a great officer one day. When Bimala working, then Karan would also accompany her. 

One day when Karan reading the newspaper, then mistress said with great anger:
Hey Karan, will you become a great officer after reading the newspaper? Better than this, helped the mother's work. At least it will help.
Then Karan said: Mistress, I want to become a big officer. We can't take books That's why I read newspapers for more knowledge.
Mistress said: You and the officer. You have seen your face And saying this. 

The mistress started laughing loudly.

Bimala found it very bad and both of them left there. Then Bimala started making food at the wedding & parties.

Karan studied hard for the next few years. And the class always started coming top.

Seeing his passion, his master advised him to go to Kathmandu for his next studies. And took the responsibility to bear the expenses himself. Then what happened was Karan went to Kathmandu. And studied there a lot. One day while he was going for the exam, on the way, hit the bike him.

Karan fell to the ground. He had injuries in his head and left hand. Now he started thinking, Now go to the hospital in this condition or giving the exam. If I go to the hospital, my whole year will be wasted. And this is not possible for me. Then who will bear the cost of the living room in Kathmandu? By the way, my left hand is hurt. But the right hand is still good. I will perform this hand.

And then Karan went straight from there to the examination center and gave the test. After giving the test, Karan yourself admitted to the hospital and underwent treatment. And also continued to study at Karan Hospital and attended the interview. Then for a few days, Karan went back to the village with her mother. A few days later, on the day of the result, the mother brought the newspaper purchases and asked Karan to see the result. When he saw the result, he shouted loudly. And said mother I passed. Your son became an officer.

On hearing this, tears came from mother's eyes. And both of them started crying. So friends, what should you understand from this story We should always work hard to achieve our goal. Whether the world laughs or jokes at us. But we should always pursue our goal. Will surely get success.
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