Thursday, December 10, 2020

These habits that will keep you happy forever.


1. Wake Up Early

When we wake up before sunrise, we have a different experience and it seems as if nature is welcoming us for a new day. Shortly before sunrise, the view of the sky is amazing and it seems as if a new energy is communicating within us. The day we wake up early in the morning - on that day we are happier and more confident.

2. Yoga and Exercise

With meditation and yoga, we remain mentally and physically healthy. Along with physical diseases, our mental disorders also go away and we become mentally competent. It is a proven fact that all stress can be removed by meditation and yoga.

A person who does yoga regularly, his inner powers are awakened, so that he can face all kinds of situations.

3. Live in present

According to scientists, 70% to 90% of the time of most people goes into thinking of past, future and futile things. If we analyze our problems and the causes of stress, we will find that 90% of our stress is due in the past or in the future.

This means that we do not have any problem in the present and the reason for our stress is either an incident in the past or fear of the future. If the cause of stress is past, then nothing can be done now, therefore we are leaving the virus in our own mind by taking stress in vain.

If there is any fear of future due to stress, then its future will determine the present. Therefore, if we live in the present, then the future will be good and if we remain afraid of that fear which has not yet been born, then we will spoil our present and this present will spoil our future.

4. Do what you like

At least one hour a day do something that you like, like playing, listening to music or writing. Such tasks provide you with a new energy and recharge you.

If possible, we should turn our career in this direction. We should make our career in the field in which we are interested.

If we are working in an area in which we are not interested, then we have two options:-

  1. First of all, change your field and make a career in the field in which we are interested.
  2. And secondly, if this is not possible, then make the current work your interest.

If we do not take any of the two options and keep doing such things which we do not like. For this reason, we are never able to give 100% of our time and are wasting most of the time.

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