Saturday, December 5, 2020

If you want to succeed, no make excuses.



Remember, when we were little, we used to make excuses for talking. Excuses to avoid hitting at school, excuses to avoid scolding mummy. Don't know how many times we have made new excuses to protect ourselves, but the habit of making the same excuses when grown up is preventing us from moving forward today. We have learned to make excuses in everything, we have learned to protect ourselves.

After coming home from school the whole evening we used to have fun with friends and then the next day we came to school and spoke - we had done homework but the copy remained home.

When the marks were less in school - the teacher did not teach properly in school, my book was lost, then excuse

Then when we grow up, this habit still does not leave us. We never accept our mistake, always blame others for our mistake and save ourselves by making excuses.

While lying for office:- 
Excuse the traffic "I am not at fault, there was traffic, so I was late"

If you failed in business:- 
Excuse of luck "I am not at fault, this is the only bad luck"

If I failed in competition:- 
My circumstances were not good "It is not my fault, my circumstances were not good at that time".

If you did not get a good job:- 
Man, the parents did not enough education "It is not my fault, the parents would have more education then today would have been a good job"

Ever had a fight with someone :- 
I have not done anything "I had no fault, I did nothing, he was fighting"

By making excuses, we have become such that we do not see our mistakes. We put all the blame on others and brush off our backs that it is not my fault.

To be honest, this excuse is preventing you from being successful. Whatever mistake happened, consider your own fault and correct your shortcomings. By putting a curtain on the shortcomings, you will never be able to overcome your own shortcomings. If you want to overcome your shortcomings, then consider your own fault only then you will be able to improve yourself. When you accept your mistake or not, there will be no improvement and you were unsuccessful yesterday and will fail tomorrow also because you are making excuses.

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