Monday, December 7, 2020

Behavior efficiently fills the atmosphere with happiness.


Wherever a man of behavior goes, he fills the atmosphere with happiness. Such people are seen with respect to society. Such people behave with gentleness and a smile and are always ready to help. Etiquette is the best beauty without which a person is limited to himself and society gives him the award named "selfish"

When the number of your friends starts increasing, then understand that you have learned the magic of behavioral skills. A courtesy person goes to any area and becomes his friend, who is ready to die if he needs it.

Character behavior is the foundation of efficiency and a person without character can never become a courtesan. Character is the shadow of a person and in society, a person is identified not by face but by character. Character is formed by moral values, values, education, and habits.

The most important feature of practical people is that they are always ready to help. Conversational efficiency is an important part of behavioral efficiency. Vani has the power to dissolve sweetness in the atmosphere and fill it with happiness or spark it by setting fire to it. Words can change the world.

Talking thoughtfully, saying more words in fewer words, not talking in vain, finding goodness, praising, listening and giving importance to others, being polite, accepting mistakes, etc. are some basic rules of conversation.

In the end, while going, only one thing: "help the needy, because you know tomorrow you need someone's help."

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