Saturday, November 28, 2020

How does luck meet success.

It is believed that both luck and hard work are necessary for success. People who work diligently in life are successful, but there are some fun inventions in the world for which the scientist had to do nothing, just a sudden incident changed everything.

American engineer Percy Spencer is also among the same scientists whose success was a coincidence.

During the Second World War, Percy was conducting a test of how enemy aircraft could be seen from radar. Suddenly, the microwave beam came out of the radar and the candy bar (toffee) placed in Percy's pocket went.

Percy was surprised to see this, and then he used this experiment with other things like popcorn, and so did his condition.

Then he called them to show this magic to his friends and then Percy thought of melting an egg as well, but as soon as the microwave ray fell on it, the entire egg fell on Percy's face.

Percy understood that these rays can penetrate things and that is why all things get heated and melt.

What was it then? After a few days of experiment, Percy made Microwave Oven, which we use to heat food today.

After that, business industries also got a new twist and today many companies that make microwave ovens are Millionaire. Percy did not have to work too hard, but an incident changed his whole life.
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