Sunday, November 29, 2020

Are you a beggar? An Motivational Story.


A king ruled in a state. The king was very altruistic in nature, and wanted the good of the all. Along with this he also had very good relations with neighboring states. When the king saw any person grieving, his heart would be moved and he would think of doing good to the public with all his devotion.

One day was the birthday of the king. That day the king woke up in the morning and was very happy. The king along with his soldiers set out for some distance in the forest. Today the king promised himself that I will definitely make one person happy and satisfied today.

The king was passing through the road thinking that he saw a beggar. The king took great pity on seeing the beggar's condition. He calls the beggar to him and gives him a gold coin. The beggar was very happy with the coin, had just gone ahead that the coin fell from the beggar's hand and fell into the drain. The beggar immediately put his hand in the drain and started looking for the coin.

The king took great pity as to how poor this poor person was, the king called the beggar and gave him a gold coin. Now there was no place for the beggar's happiness. He took the coin and went again and put his hand in the drain to find the lost coin.

The king was surprised, he again called the beggar and gave him a silver coin as the king promised himself that a man would be happy and satisfied. But what? Even taking the silver coin, the beggar again put his hand in the drain and started looking for the lost coin.

The king felt very bad. He again called the beggar and gave him another gold coin. The king said - Now be satisfied….

The beggar said - Chef, I will be happy and satisfied only when I find a gold coin in the drain.

Friends, we too are like that beggar and that king is God. Now God gives us anything, we cannot be satisfied. This is not mine or yours but the entire human race is never satisfied. If you want money, you need a car, if you want a car, you need a bigger one and the same goes on.

God has given us this precious body, but we keep searching for gold coin which is draining all the life. No matter how rich you are, no matter how much money you earn, you cannot be satisfied. Even after getting this precious holy body, we keep searching for coins from the sewers like the world. Friends, use the money given by God to help others, do not beggar

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