Wednesday, December 2, 2020

Why do you remember 'OLD LOVE' even after breakup.


No matter how far ahead in life, old memories never leave you. You must have often seen that whenever someone leaves and goes away from life, we resort to someone else's love to forget him. We think that maybe by coming into someone else's life, we will easily forget our old love. This happens in some cases, but some people, despite being in healthy relation, do not forget the old relation, their memories. They spoil the present due to their past. But this does not mean that you do not love your current partner. They are still in the grip of old memories. 

Know why the old relationship is missed:

1. Reasons for Special Bond

Surely both of you have shared a special bond, the memories of which still haunt you. It is normal to recall your past for some time. But you cannot decide based on those memories. And if you do, then you may spoil your current relationships because of that decision.

2. Hope is still in mind

Remembering your old relationship again and again does not mean that you are spoiling your relationship today. Maybe you still have a small hope in your mind. But don't let these memories come in front of your current partner. In such a situation, your partner may also suspect you.

3. Comparing the old relationship with the new

Every person has a habit of making comparisons between relationships. This habit is not bad. Rather it is natural. You can compare your ex and the things he did for you. But it is also not right to compare in everything. This creates tension in the relationship.

4. The Comfort Zone Between The Two

During a long relationship, a comfort zone is formed between two people. You know each other and share your feelings with each other. All these feelings are still there. But still you have lived this moment with an old partner, so when you repeat these moments with someone else, you are lost in old memories. Not every old memory is bad. Some memories can be carried along.

5. Remembering your 'Old Version'

By the way, every relationship is different. But if lessons are taken from mistakes made in old relationships, then present relationship can become stronger and longer term. There will also come a time where you will remember 'Real Me' i.e. your old version with your X.
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