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Why is water important. Let's know. How??

Why is water important. Let's know. How??

As you all know water is life. To survive on the earth, water is as important as food for all beings. Water on Earth is one of the main natural resources that is the most important substance for all animals, humans, plants, etc. But it is worth noting that there is a lack of water on the earth day by day. Due to lack of water, many natural hazards such as environmental pollution, many diseases, drought on earth, and global warming are being born which are not right for the earth and the creatures living on the earth. But the world viewer is unable to understand the importance of saving this very important water.

Why is water important??

Water is the most used substance in our daily life. Because of which all the animals, animals, birds, etc. are alive on the earth and every industry has different types of construction, manufacturing of products, processing, thinning, washing, cooling or transporting any metal, farms, And water is needed for all trees and plants, etc. In today's time, there is a lot of life on earth due to lack of water resources everywhere, day to day water resources, a decrease in groundwater level, drought in many parts of the world and lack of rainwater collection, etc. Is facing difficulties. While the Earth is covered with about 71% water. But in reality, only usable water is available only 3.5%. Keeping this situation in mind, we should save maximum water. The main use of water is also very important to produce electricity.

Water conservation measures

1. To prevent the problem of drought on the earth, water should be used better and less.

2. Our new generation and all people should be made aware of water conservation and save water.

3. Everyone should stop using water for unnecessary tasks.

4. Rainwater should be stored in such places by making a place, tank, vessel, lake, pond, well, etc.

5. Trees should be planted in the maximum number.

6. Contaminated water is dominated by rivers due to industry or business. Strict Instruction should be given to all of them and it should be stopped.

7. While taking bath use Bucket and Mug and not using Shower.
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