Thursday, May 14, 2020

Story of an alcoholic. Your thinking will change.

Story of an alcoholic. Your thinking will change.

There was an alcoholic who drank too much. His family was being ruined by his drinking. All the people in the house were very upset with him. One day a man told him about a Baba Ji and said that you go to him, he will give up your liquor. He reached the Baba Ji the next morning and said, Baba, I am very upset about my alcohol, due to this my family is being ruined and I am not able to do anything. The Baba Ji said, why don't you leave this wine when you have so much trouble? He said that I want to give up alcohol but it does not leave me. Hearing this, Baba Ji said, come tomorrow morning, you will talk to you.

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The next day he reached the Baba Ji. Seeing him coming towards him, Baba went and grabbed a tree quickly. When he reached Baba Ji, he saw that he is standing by holding a tree. The drunkard greeted the Baba Ji by saying Baba and said what are you doing, Baba Ji replied, see, this tree is not leaving me. Hearing this, he went to surprised and said, Baba Ji, I have not drunk today. You have held the tree, I have not. Hearing his talk, the Baba Ji smiled and said that I wanted to tell you that the tree has not caught me. In the same way, alcohol has not held you, but you have held the wine. Alcoholic eyes opened and he said that after today I will never touch liquor. He then returned home from there.

Friends, we get to learn from this story that any bad work we want to do can be left out. 

How did you feel this story to people?
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