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"LOVE STORY" This story will definitely make you cry.

"LOVE STORY" This story will definitely make you cry.

In the park, the two love couples were sitting quietly. The two were not talking. After some time, Raj smilingly stroked Neha's hair. Why did not the leaf Neha angrily remove Raj's hand and said: Wait a bit, I am not your property.

Raj goes out and starts looking at Neha with a tuck. For the past one month, Raj had been seeing a strange change in Neha's behavior but this was the first time in 6 years when Neha spoke so ruthlessly. In a moment many memories came before Raj's eyes. Know why Raj's eyes were slowly getting wet.

Seeing this, Neha said angrily: Stop this emotional drama. My mind would have deteriorated. Put madness in your pocket. Want to talk to you today
Raj said: I am not crying. Say what to talk
Neha said: Yes listen! My life is imprisoned by being with you. Everything has to be accounted for. Where do I go and what do I do. So you start living without me. Neither you nor I am yours.
Raj said: Why are you saying this? Who said that I am taking away your freedom? This is why I say you care. Tell me what is the reason
Neha said: Care My Foot ... We cite the care of all of you and take a look at the freedom of girls and take this journey as the last. Do not even try to visit me again from today. I do not want to see your face.

I Hate You… Hate You…. hate you

NehaNeha… mine too… Before Raj’s words came out, Neha lifted her bag and went straight ahead without turning back. His steps kept going faster. As if he is trying to escape from some realm. Raj was sitting watching. He could not understand some things. This was the park from where his life took a new turn. Suddenly Neha's behavior was not digesting her. Because 6 years is not such a short time that no one knows each other. Still, how could they not believe what was happening? There was a strange confusion. Enemies can be confronted in front of Raj, but where is the easy task of fighting memories? When Raj calmed down a bit, he saw a colored card dropped next to him. Raj saw and said in it Neha Weds Abhishek looked just like a mirror in front of Raj. Neha's change was so much that she could fill my heart with hate.

When Raj slowly started coming out of the park, Neha was sobbing slowly sitting in a corner of the park.

Raj suddenly looked up and said: Neha… Listen.
On hearing Raj's voice, Neha quickly turned around and wiped tears and said: Donkey ... crazy ... nothing easily enters your sent. I do not love you, do not, do not.
Raj showed the card and said: Do you love Abhishek?
Now Neha could not stop herself. Neha's eyes were now shattered in front of Raj and Neha ran and hugged Raj.
I will love you forever….

Where the story of their love began, they may have come to a halt today. It would be a bit wrong to call it a halt. Love does not stop, it goes on. Just keeps on walking. Yes, that meeting was definitely the last.

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